Select a Volunteer Project

Become a Community in Action volunteer! Learn more about our social outreach opportunities and apply via our online application. Group volunteer options are available upon request.

Teach Handicrafts to Women

Teach handicraft classes and empower local Women.

Teach Art and Paint Murals

Provide art classes to youth and help with community painting projects.

Teach English Classes

Teach English to children and adults through short-term intensive classes.

Provide Child-Care Support

Work with young children and provide support to day-care staff.

Teach Computer Classes

Teach basic computer skills in local schools and NOGs.

Support Manual Labor Projects

Help paint homes and support basic manual labor tasks for local residents.

Work in an Urban Garden

Provide support in a local community garden: plant, prune, and harvest.

Support Youth Athletic Programs

Play soccer, volleyball, basketball, and other sports with local youth.

Provide Tutoring Services

Provide educational support for children in local schools and NGOs.

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