Teach Handicrafts to Women

Volunteer Program Overview

Handicraft classes provide a positive social outlet for participants. Women are empowered to learn a new trade, their self-esteem is boosted, and they are instilled with a sense of community. Since 2005, Community in Action has been providing handicraft classes: sewing, sandal design, painting, perfumes, pottery, candles, and more. Currently, we are partnering with organizations throughout the community (NGOs and schools) to extend our services. To partake in this program and teach a class, volunteers should have related background skills. Volunteers are responsible for providing supplies, developing lesson plans, and teaching.

Language Requirements: There is no language requirement; basic Portuguese is preferred

The Need

Handicraft programs provide a space for developing creativity and self-esteem, as well as an environment for women to support other women. Besides learning new skills to generate income, these programs offer therapeutic benefits for women in a community where many suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or similar conditions. In addition, this program is invaluable for many women who are unemployed since it promotes entrepreneurship. Numerous participants have transitioned from participating as students to serving as teachers, and many have been successful in selling their products upon completing the courses. Implementation Details

  • Contribute to material costs to teach handicrafts to Women
  • Design class curriculum and prepare lesson plans
  • Help participants market and sell their products
  • Network with local school staff and Community in Action staff

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