Teach Art and Paint Murals

Volunteer Program Overview

Art classes serve as an outlet for creative expression. Experienced artists, and other artists alike, are encouraged to share their techniques with local youth in the region. Many schools offer art classes for volunteers to become involved with. In addition, you can partake in diverse community restoration projects, helping paint murals and houses in the favela.

Language Requirements: There is no language requirement

The Need

Many favela youth do not have the opportunity to take art classes. Teaching art can be invaluable, providing a creative avenue for many residents. Furthermore, teaching new forms of art connects youth to a vibrant cultural movement and represents a platform to practice freedom of expression. It is seen as positive vehicle that keeps youth engaged when not in school.

Implementation Details

  • Contribute to material costs
  • Teach and learn art techniques
  • Design activities and prepare lesson plans
  • Monitor students’ progress and write debriefs
  • Network with local artists and Community in Action staff

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