Support Youth Athletic Programs

Volunteer Program Overview

Soccer, volleyball, basketball and other sports are offered at our partner schools. Most of our partners welcome new ideas for their youth athletic programs.  By supporting this effort, you are offering a dynamic platform to educate and empower youth, keeping them off the streets and inspiring them to become active.

Language Requirements: There is no language requirement

The Need

Engaging youth in sports is essential to both individual and community health, as it leads to the empowerment and social inclusion of vulnerable youth.  In addition, it stimulates physical, social, cognitive and emotional development. Sports programs aid dialogue and the development of communication and conflict resolution skills, critical in this community where youth are coping with post-conflict trauma (due to previous realities of drug trafficking). Participating in sports provides a fun and secure platform for educators to promote sustainable social change for youth in a time of rapid transition in the Complexo do Alemão.   Activities occur during Physical Education classes in local schools.

Implementation Details

  • Contribute to material costs
  • Support sporting programs in local schools
  • Lead and organize activities
  • Network with local school staff and Community in Action staff
  • Monitor students’ progress and write debriefs

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