Support Manual Labor Projects

Volunteer Program Overview

Work alongside favela residents to help them realize their dreams.  Help paint homes, complete landscaping projects, or support “basic” construction tasks.  Your manual labor assistance will allow local residents to pursue projects that they’ve been waiting to accomplish for years.  Maintaining and enhancing one’s shelter is a basic need that many in this region are unable to attain. Through  your support, you will not only be assisting with diverse manual labor projects, but you will also be implementing a catalyst to help underserved residents achieve home improvement goals that they would otherwise not be able to reach.

Language Requirements: There is no language requirement

The Need

Many local residents report saving for years to repair damages caused by mudslides or storms; or to complete basic paint jobs; or to build separate rooms for parents and children. Building codes are non-existent in the favela and many families build their own homes with whatever scraps of wood, brick, or metal they can find.  Your service and donation will help local residents complete home repair projects, creating a safer, healthier, and more sustainable livelihood.

Implementation Details

  • Help implement manual labor projects: painting, landscaping, basic home repair
  • Provide supplies, supporting local residents
  • Prepare and lead activities
  • Network with local residents and Community in Action staff
  • Monitor progress and write debriefs

Aside from the placement fee, you will be responsible for purchasing the necessary materials to complete the manual labor project, depending on where you are placed. You will purchase the materials with local residents upon your arrival in Rio–material costs will not exceed a few hundred dollars and you will be informed about the total prior to your arrival.  Projects are designed based on immediate needs within the community.  You may work solo or with other volunteers, depending on the time of year you travel to Rio.

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