Provide Tutoring Services

Volunteer Program Overview

Community in Action partners with numerous local schools, community centers, and NGOs.  Depending on your level of Portuguese, you can provide support in all subject areas: math, reading, writing, or other social studies.  Upon arriving in Rio, you will work with local school staff and NGOs to determine areas that are most beneficial to students.  After support needs are determined and students identified, you will spend time in local schools acting as a teacher’s aide.

Language Requirements: Intermediate Portuguese required

The Need

In the Complexo do Alemão, students attend classes for only 4 hours per day, and by law are only required to study until age 14. Teacher assistants are difficult to find and additional support in the classroom is always needed.  Tutoring services for children with learning disabilities can also be invaluable since this is rarely addressed due to limited support.  Walking through the community, signs seeking tutors are all too common.  Every school in the region continues to express an immediate need for tutors in all subject areas.

Implementation Details

  • Design activities and curriculum
  • Provide supplies to implement programs
  • Lead group and one-on-one activities
  • Network with local school staff and Community in Action staff
  • Monitor students’ progress and write debriefs

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