Provide Child-Care Support

Volunteer Program Overview

Provide support to day care staff, serving young children.  Your days will include playing, nurturing, helping with meals and naps, tutoring, and providing general classroom assistance. This is an excellent project if you enjoy working with young children and are flexible to help with diverse activities.  Your service or donation helps ensure children receive the care they deserve and allows parents to work or study to support their family.

Language Requirements: There is no language requirement

The Need

The average age of conception in the Complexo do Alemão is very young. With that in mind, there is a tremendous demand for day care centers and support throughout the region. These institutions allow parents to pursue educational and career opportunities, while providing critical care for children under the age of five.  However, there are very few day care options in the area to meet the community’s needs, putting a heavy burden on staff. Your service or donation helps ensure children receive the care they deserve, while parents work to support their families.

Implementation Details

  • Support basic child needs
  • Provide tutoring services
  • Help with meals, naps, and play-time activities
  • Design and implement new activities for children
  • Network with local school staff and Community in Action team

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