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Pricing Overview

Our fees are very low because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to volunteer in Rio’s favelas! Every dollar is re-invested into the NGO to support our long-term sustainability and directed toward community partner donations. Your donation to Community in Action allows us to provide you with administrative and logistics support before you arrive in Brazil and during your entire stay.  In addition, volunteer fees are used to purchase materials, support community programs, and deliver resources to residents throughout Rio’s favelas.

For groups, Community in Action provides all listed services, as well as agenda planning and additional community tours / stakeholder integration sessions. Prices vary depending on the number of participants in each group. We host many volunteer groups every year. If you are interested in sending a group of volunteers to Rio, please contact us at: info@communityination.org

DURATION 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 5 Weeks 6 Weeks 7 Weeks 8 Weeks
PRICE $150 $200 $275 $350 $425 $500 $575 $650


All donations are tax-deductible. Upon payment, we will send you a receipt.

Included in Volunteer Package

Community in Action offers a comprehensive volunteer package, which includes administrative and program implementation support.

Additional Volunteer Services with Differing Fees (details available upon request)

Additional Fees to Consider (not included)

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